5 Ideas for a Weekend Away

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The United Kingdom is one of the most popular countries in the world and sometimes, as a visitor, it is easy to be spoiled for choice.  

 The country has a lot to offer, from stunning mountains and lakes to some of the best and most exciting cities in the world. Finding the best way to spend a weekend in the UK can be difficult.  

We’ve narrowed those choices down for you a little bit here and come up with five ideas for a weekend away in the UK.  

1: A City Break  

 One of the best getaways in England is a trip to one of its many big cities. London is, of course, the most popular city to visit in the UK but the country also has excellent places like Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, Bath and many others to offer.  

City breaks in the UK can also be surprisingly affordable, especially as a lot of the cities offer attractions like museums for free.  

2: A trip to the coast  

 When most people think of the UK, they don’t immediately think of beaches. That’s unfortunate as the UK actually has some stunning beaches to offer. The south coast of the UK, as well as the Welsh coast, offer some stunning beaches and some wonderfully charming seaside towns. Just be sure to make sure you pick the right time of year to make your visit.  

3: National Parks  

 The UK is one of the most scenic countries in the world and is home to some incredible national parks. Sites like the Lake District, the Peak District and Snowdonia are breathtaking to see in person and should definitely be on your list if you are visiting the UK.  

4: A shopping trip  

 The UK has some of the best cities in the world and with that, comes some of the finest high streets as well. London’s Oxford Street is a particularly famous spot but cities like Manchester, Liverpool, and Bristol also have an exceptional range of high street stores for you to spend a weekend spoiling yourselves in.  

5: A trip to one of the British Isles  

 If you want to get away from the island and get a fresh perspective, taking a trip out to one of the British Isles could be an ideal way to spend a weekend. The Shetland Islands, in particular, are a popular choice and they can present a stunning alternative to mainland Britain. 

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